Checked alternator its grounded and putting out correct amperage. This whining is beyond annoying and I can't seem to locate the source. I have some in-line noise suppressor but haven't installed them yet figured I'd check here first...
What Causes Alternator Belt Squeal after Replacement. There are few reasons while your alternator belt gives whirring or whining noise even after replacement. Without further ado, let’s briefly look at the causes.
I heard whine noise and turned out the alternator bearing with low voltage generating, I replaced with new alternator $200 part + serpentine belt $15 part by myself. I don't believe the leaked coolant could reach to the alternator pulley which is located higher than the water pump. That stealership saying $1,200 is total B.S.
btw its a 90crx si, and the alternator connection is clean and tight at both ends on the ground, the alternator is a mitsubishi i bought at AutoZone.