The Arduino TX pin is 5V (on my 5V Nano at least). The voltage divider reduces the 5V to 3.3v and stops the world from being destroyed (or at least the RX pin on the HM-10). 5V Arduinos see 3.3v as HIGH so we can connect the HM-10 TX pin directly to the Arduino RX pin without destroying everything.
Dec 24, 2019 · To resolve that you’ll need to get hold of a copy of the factors firmware for the ESP8266 and upload it. When you have switches 1 & 2 in the ON position and the other switches set to OFF then the ESP8266 is connected to hardware COM port 3 on the Arduino and your Arduino sketch needs to reflect this. Pete.
I have spent more time with this today and tried to upload your sketch to Arduino nano and this produced loads of errors saying "error: 'AbsMouse' was not declared in this scope" Weirdly I don't get those errors when uploading to ItsyBitsy . I have tried redownloading AbsMouse but still getting those errors.
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