The guard includes grade 5 TORX® screws and pre-made bedding pillars to guarantee exact fit and perfect function and one 5 round magazine. Made from Aircraft grade Aluminum and Hardcoat anodized black. Inleting required. S/A guard w/ empty 5 rd mag 10.2 oz, L/A guard w/ empty 5 rd mag 13.7 oz
Remington 700 Long, Short Action ADL Trigger Guard Textured Matte Steel Silver Factory original part from Remington. Part is made of steel Compatible with Remington 700 Long Action ADL, 700 Short Action ADL
Remington 700 ADL Triggerguard Trigger Guard - Plastic, and Scope Base. Condition is "Used". Shipped with USPS First Class.
There is a huge selection of Remington 700 aftermarket accessories due to its popularity. This can make finding the best Remington 700 trigger difficult as there are countless options. Luckily I have scoured the market in search of best trigger for Remington 700.