The Thompson Center® 209 Primer Adapter is made specifically for the T/C® Black Diamond™ and Woods™ Rifles. The stainless steel, primer adapter allows you to switch your #11 ignition to a hotter 209 primer. 209 primer ignitions have become the industry standard in muzzleloaders, due to their superior ignition quality and faster burn rate.
This breech plug will fit the Thompson Center Carbine, or Rifle in .50 or .54 caliber. Example rife version shown for identification only. Rifle not included.
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Thompson Center Deluxe In-Line Breech Plug Wrench 7766 is an easy to use tool that will help you disassemble and clean your firearm. These reloading tools are constructed out of durable steel for lasting power. The T-handle of the Thompson reloading tool gives you plenty of leverage for breech...