1. Introduction Objectives, Fundamental and History of Various Hardware Description Languages, History, Designing of HDL, Why VHDL, HDL Code Simulation, Design Constraints of HDLs, HDL as a Programming Languages, Example, VHDL as a Programming Language, Lexical Elements, Data Types and Objects, Expressions and Operators, Sequential Statements, Subprograms and Packages, VHDL
3.9.2 Dual priority encoder. ... 16.4.4 VHDL code development. 16.5 Square program with combinational multiplier and UART console. 16.5.1 Multiplier interface.
A selector without priority (generally implemented as a case statement if in a process, or a with-select) may or may not have extra logic over a priority encoder. I think that the last selection in a priority encoder might have a lot of logic indeed. Depends on the design.
Priority Encoder. resolve ... - The 1 of 10 priority encoder will generate a BCD data code at its outputs (O3, ... The encoder ... Then translated into Verilog/VHDL.